« Art is eternal.
It lives in us and we have only the usufruct of it ».

Daniele Belasco

The painter Belasco with Charlie Chaplin and his wife

Nearly 500 people attended the opening of the exhibition « The Fantastic World of Belasco » at the Drouant Gallery in Paris.

From left to right: Loulou Gasté, Composer – Denise Glaser, TV presenter and producer of « Discorama » – Armand Drouant, Gallery owner – Line Renaud, Singer and Actress – The painter Bélasco – Jacques Médecin, Deputy-Mayor of Nice and President of the Alpes-Maritimes General Council

The painter Belasco with Michel Tapie

Art critic, musician, painter, sculptor, exhibition organiser and art theorist. Director of the Centre for Aesthetic Research in Turin.

The painter Belasco with Armand Lanoux

Writer, winner of the 1963 Goncourt Prize, Secretary of the Goncourt Academy.

The painter Belasco with Paul-Emile Victor

Polar explorer, scientist, ethnologist, writer, founder and head of French polar expeditions for twenty-nine years.

Exhibition of the painter Belasco in the presence of the Japanese imperial family

With Prince and Princess de Takamado, Prince Fumihito d’Akishino.

Alain Poher inaugurates the exhibition of the painter Bélasco

Acting President of the French Republic, President of the Senate, President of the European Parliament.

Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace of Monaco attend the exhibition of the painter Belasco.

Mr Jacques Toubon, French Minister of Culture, attend the exhibition of the painter Belasco.

The painter Belasco with Jean Marais.

From left to right: The painter Bélasco – her husband Roger Zeiler, President of Miss Europe – Jean Marais, theatre and film actor, director, writer, painter, sculptor and potter – Annie Guédras, Curator of the Jean Cocteau Museum – Edouard Dermit, Jean Cocteau’s heir in law.

Professor Tachibana opens Belasco’s exhibition in Japan









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